Frequently Asked Questions

If you can not find an answer to your question from the below FAQ, , please contact us.

  • Account: I can’t login to my account

    You can easily reset your password, if you ever forget it. Just proceed as follows:

    Go to the login page
    Click “forgot my password” underneath the login area
    Now type in the email address you used for registering with the survey portal
    We will immediately send you an email containing a link for resetting your password
    Check your inbox
    Click the link in the email
    Set a new password

    If you are sure that your access details are correct and you still cannot log in, please contact us.

  • Account: How can I delete my account on?
    • If you are sure that you would no longer like to take part in our surveys and want to delete your profile, you can do so directly from your profile area. To do so you need to log in to your account and click “End membership” under account menu.

      Please remember, though, that we put great emphasis on data protection: If you delete your profile, there is a short period of time during which we are able to reactivate you. Once this period has passed, all your data including your earned money will be gone once and for all and we will not be able to restore them. Of course you are able to re-register with us in such a case.



  • Account: How can I use my account?
    • From your account, you can access your surveys, keep your details up to date by taking/updating the additional profiling surveys (as we need some information about you, in order to be able to invite you to the surveys that are likely to be good matches for you). You can check how much money you have collected and redeem it via PayPal, vouchers or products provided that you have gathered a sufficient amount.

  • How much money will I get when taking surveys?
    • It depends on the number of surveys you make, where you will get a specific amount of money for every single survey you complete. Usually the longer the survey is the more money you will get.

      We will always tell you how much you will get, before you take part.

  • What do I get in return for taking part in these surveys?

    For each completed survey you will collect money in your account. The amount of money awarded can vary greatly among surveys. We will always tell you how much you will get, before you take part.

    Please note that you need to complete the entire survey to receive a payment. If it turns out at the start of the survey that you do not match the required target group after all or that a sufficient number of people with your characteristics has already taken part, the survey will be interrupted before starting on the actual contents. As a result, the survey is not considered fully completed.

  • My PayPal payout did not arrive?

    There may be a number of different reasons why payment has not been credited to your PayPal account:

    • Is the email address you are using for your account identical to the one used for your PayPal account? This is strictly necessary for any payments. If this is not the case, you are able to add your email address to PayPal within 30 days. Payment will then be initiated.
    • Make sure your PayPal account is verified and can accept payouts.
    • Sometimes you need to accept payout manually. Please log into your PayPal account and check if there is a list of transactions that you need to accept.

    If your email address is identical for both accounts and payment has not arrived, please contact us and we are happy to look into your case.


  • What amount and how often can I receive payment via PayPal?

    You can redeem your rewards as soon as you have reached the minimum amount to pay out. You can find the minimum amount in your profile. For security reasons and to protect against fraud, the amount can be paid no more than twice a day. We are sorry but manual payment by us or full payment of all your earned money is not possible.

  • My registered email address is not identical to my PayPal account, what can I do?

    In order for your rewards to be payable, it is important that your email addresses for both accounts are identical. There are a number of things you can do if this is not the case:

    • You can simply add the email address you registered with to your PayPal account. You will find the related settings in your PayPal profile. Your money is not lost, if you have already triggered payment, even though you have registered a different email address in your PayPal account. The money will arrive later on, if you add the correct email address to your PayPal account within 30 days.
  • Why did I get less payment for a survey than was indicated in the survey invitation?

    In some cases you might be invited to a survey and after you start this survey you are screened out after a couple of questions, because you do not match the required target group. The same may apply, when the survey is already closed. In such a case, our system will immediately search for a new survey for you. If you are able to complete the survey, you will of course receive the remuneration for this survey. You will get higher compensation for a longer survey and lower compensation for a shorter one.

    This means that the reason why you are getting a different amount of money than was indicated in the invitation is simply that you have taken part in a different survey.

  • Other than participating in surveys, is there any other way to earn money?

    Be sure to like us on Facebook and Instagram, we have many quizzes, contests and giveaways.

  • What can I do if I was screed out of a survey after answering several questions?

    It is often that particular target groups are required for surveys. After a couple of initial questions, it is decided whether or not you match the required target group. In order to be able to provide you with a wide range of surveys, we are cooperating with partner companies. Unfortunately it can sometimes happen that those determining questions take a little longer. Due to the large number of surveys, we are not able to check all of them in advance.

    Very particular target groups are sometimes required for longer surveys. In such cases, pre-selection may include up to ten or twenty questions. Your answers to the selection questions will not be used when analysing the survey results and you can therefore not be compensated.

    However, if you have been kicked out of a survey after an overly high number of questions, please feel free to contact us, describing what happened. We will need the invitation link for the survey to look into it. You will find it in the email we sent you. We always strive to get better and we are happy to receive your feedback!

  • Can I restart the survey or continue it after an interruption?

    Each survey link can be clicked only once. For this reason it is, unfortunately, not possible to take a break during the survey or to re-start it after closing the browser window. Unfortunately we have to proceed like this, in order to avoid multiple participation and other types of fraud. We recommend that each survey is completed in one sitting.

    In the case of prolonged inactivity, there may be short interruptions of the internet connection leading to the survey being aborted. For security reasons and due to international market research guidelines, a survey cannot be continued and the results cannot be included in the analysis.

  • Why I’m told that the required number of participants has already been reached, short after starting the survey?

    Our participants often react so quickly that the survey is closed before all invited participants get the chance to take part. We always invite more people than we need, since we cannot tell in advance how many people are going to take part. We have to do this to be able to guarantee our customers that the required number of participants is reached in a set amount of time.




  • Why am I told that I don’t match the required survey target group?

    When sending out the invitation, we don’t always know for sure if you match the target group. For some surveys, a target group is set in advance based on certain characteristics that are not included in your profile with us. This is why it can happen that you are not part of a survey’s target group, even though you received an email invitation for the survey.

    Specific questions are used to determine whether a participant matches the target group. Those questions e.g. about particular consumer behavior, are asked at the beginning of the survey. The survey is interrupted early on, if you don’t match the target group. We may also search the system to automatically forward you to another survey.

    Should you get this message before you have answered a single question and should this happen repeatedly, this may mean that there is a technical issue, such as the used device not being suitable for the survey or that the survey has already been closed.


  • Why do I get the message “Survey has already started” upon starting the survey!

    Each invitation link can be clicked only once. For this reason it is, unfortunately, not possible to take a break during the survey or to re-start it after closing the browser window. If you get this message it means that you have clicked and started the survey before but regrettably could not complete it.

    Should you frequently or even always get this message, there might also be an issue with your email provider. In such cases we would like to suggest that you manually copy the invitation link to the address bar of your browser.

  • I’m getting none or very few invitations to surveys?

    We can’t determine how many invitations you will receive per day. We also cannot tell you when exactly you will get them. All invitations are sent automatically.

    The number of invitations you receive depends strongly on the country that you live in – surveys are conducted more frequently in some countries than in others. Participants are also selected randomly, or there may be a pre-selection depending on age, gender, level of education, profession, place of residence, etc. This depends on the requirements set by the customers.

    We recommend that you fully complete your profile and to always keep your details up to date. This will allow us to ensure that you are invited to surveys more selectively.

    It can also happen that our invitations end up in your spam folder, since some email providers interpret our invitations as spam. So please check your spam folder regularly or adjust the settings accordingly. You may want to add to your address book to be on the safe side.